Drive cabinet with 400 kW converter

PZN-400kW type AC drive unit designed for supplying and smooth speed control of 3-phase 400kW asynchronous motors.

Technical data:

  • Nominal input voltage: 3 x 400V @ 50Hz
  • Output voltage: 3 x 0..400V @ 0..100Hz
  • Nominal output current: 730A
  • The cabinet is equipped with:
            ○ Frequency converter MFC710/400kW
            ○ network choke
            ○ RFI filter
            ○ MCCB power switch
            ○ disconnector RBK 4a
            ○ control and steering apparatus
  • The cabinet door has:
            ○ Emergency stop button
            ○ the main switch handle
            ○ control panel with display
            ○ control buttons
            ○ signal lamps
  • The dimensions of the cabinet installation: 1800x620x2100 mm.
  • Compliance with the following standards: PN-EN 50178: 2003, PN-EN 60204-1: 2010,
    PN-EN 61800-5-1: 2007, PN-EN 61800-3: 200



We have been manufacturing drive cabinets since the beginning of the company's activity. Initially, they were based on thyristor systems. Along with the development of drive technology we started to use the inverters developed by us. Currently, we use vector inverters types MFC710 and MFC710/AcR to enable energy return to the mains.

The presented system was made for the G-Drilling company from Warsaw, which implemented the investment for Geotermia Konin.

Constructor: Mariusz Szlendak





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