Educational drives for Technical Universities

We perform educational drives for Technical Universities according to individual request.

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The stand with induction generator powered on both sides made for the Bialystok University of Technology.


The power electronics part consists of:

  • three sets of regeneration converters (i.e. with the possibility of two-way flow of electricity and, consequently, with the possibility of transferring electricity to a 400V power supply network) with a power of 7.5 kW with DTCSVM control and MODBUS communication,
  • a network filter matched to the power of the converter,
  • over-current protection matched to the power of the converter,
  • RS485/LAN converter with galvanic separation.



In addition, one set also includes:

  • the possibility of observing the signals controlling the IGBT's modules of the converter of the network and motor part,
  • measurement of three mains currents,
  • measurement of one phase voltage of the network,
  • measurement of one voltage in the intermediate circuit,
  • measurement of three phase currents of the output converter from the motor side,
  • measurement of three phase-to-phase voltages of the output converter.


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