Lithium battery cell charging module

Intended use

The lithium cell battery charging module type BCK-60 was made to order by the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology.The module is designed to charge lithium cell batteries - LiFePO4 cells with BMS supervision system. It has three independent outflows with E = 20 kW. They enable safe charging of three lithium cells with a total energy of 120 kWh in 2 hours. Communication with BMS takes place via the CAN interface.

The charging module was placed in a metal cabinet manufactured by Radiolex company from Pruszcz Gdański, with dimensions of 1830x1550x883 mm and IP67 protection degree. The cabinet has been protected against corrosion and powder coated.

Moduł ładowania baterii ogniw litowych Moduł ładowania baterii ogniw litowych Moduł ładowania baterii ogniw litowych Moduł ładowania baterii ogniw litowych Moduł ładowania baterii ogniw litowych


Technical data:

  • Power supply:
    • Nominal voltage: 3 x 500 V AC (line-to-line, -15% + 10%), 45..66 Hz
    • Network layout: IT
    • Nominal input current: 125 A
  • Output - the module has three independent outputs: Output 1, Output 2, Output 3
    • Output voltage: 150 ÷ 400 V DC
    • Maximum output current: 100A DC (for each output)
    • Maximum output power: 20kW (for each output)
    • Switching frequency: 5 kHz
  • Built-in CAN communication interface - supervision system for communication with charged batteries
  • Protections:
    • Short circuit
    • Overcurrent,
    • Overvoltage AC / DC,
    • Undervoltage,
    • Thermal devices,
    • Thermal batteries,
    • Thermal transformer T1 500V / 300V,
    • Thermal output reactors L1, L2, L3,
    • Communication control with the Control Panel,
    • Communication control of the CAN interface,
    • Control of excessive battery discharge,
    • Battery overcharge control
  • Cooling: passive; several fans are located inside the cabinet to ensure air circulation; also the MFC1000BC output modules have internal fans.
  • Degree of protection: IP 67
  • Corrosion protection: The cabinet is made of 3 mm thick powder-coated steel sheet: primer and two coats of surface paint. Matte black color.
  • Type of power supply sockets used, output 1/2/3:
  • Typ zastosowanych gniazd ZASILANIE, WYJŚCIE 1/2/3:
    • Palazzoli 459550, 125A, 500V~, IP67


Constructor: Jarosław Załęski





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