BSI1000 - Converter for Energy Storage Systems

Power: 50 kW, 65 kW, 75 kW


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BSI1000 is an AC/DC power electronic converter designed to work with electricity storage battery.

BSI1000 controls the process of converting electricity supplied or taken from batteries and is an integral element of every battery Energy Storage Systems. The advanced technological solutions used made it possible to reduce the dimensions of the device and achieve high efficiency..

BSI1000 is designed for cabinet installation.

Based on BSI1000, we also create entire systems controlling the operation of Energy Storage Systems, including the necessary equipment and protection.



  • High efficiency - SiC technology
  • Galvanic separation of the battery from the power supply network
  • Active and reactive power control
  • Power flow control independently for each phase (4L systems)
  • Compensation of selected harmonics (option)
  • Reactive power compensation (option)
  • Work in on-grid and off-grid modes
  • Polish product with full warranty and post-warranty technical support


pdf flyer (Polish)

pdf User Manual (Polish)

pdf NC RfG certificate (Polish)

pdf An example implementation of a system controlling the operation of an Energy Storage System (Polish)


Inwerter magazynu energii BSI1000


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