Power supplies for electrophoretic
coating lines

Galvanization supplies - TZG type

TZG supplies are supply systems for galvanizing devices, containing six-pulse thyristor converter. TZG systems are separated from the power supply by low output voltage transformer and supply voltage from 0 -24V DC and current up to 1500 A DC.



Zasilacze typu TZG


Electrophoresis supplies - TZE type

TZE systems are destined for the supply of electrophoresis painting tank. TZE are supplied by separator transformer with output voltage proper for paint. TZE are equipped with regulated six-pulse thyristor converters and smoothing choke in DC link. Control of TZE is performed by PLC controller with control panel on the switchbox placed on the front door or on remote control console. TZE supplies DC voltage from 0-400V and current up to 1500A DC.

TZE are often made as laboratory supplies with output current 20A, very useful for technological process control. TZE type electrophoresis supplies are currently in use in most Polish automobile factories (Poznan, Siedlce, Lublin, Nysa) and many metallurgical ones.

TZE and TZG supplies are built into metal lockers.

In case of order of any control systems, we specify voltage, current parameters, type of housing and control strategy with a customer.

Zasilacze typu TZE


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