Frequency converter AFC 150 type

0,37 - 1,1 kW

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  • Output 0-320 Hz, 3 x 230V
  • Switching frequency 4/8/16 kHz, modulator SVPWM
  • Operation mode: U/f linear / square-law scalar
  • 2 analog inputs (0/2...10V, Rin>470Ohm)
  • 1 analog output 0(4)...20mA
  • 6 fully separated digital inputs (0/(15...24V), Rin>8kOhm
  • 2 relays (250V/5A AC)
  • Communication port RS485 - ModBus RTU (9600/19200), remote control of unit operation and programming of all parameters of the frequency converter
  • Integrated PI regulator
  • 7 constant frequencies: operation with constant frequencies, switching thrugh digital inputs
  • Band frequency elimination
  • Dynamics formation
  • High-contrast LED control panel
  • Speed control with function of Motopotentiometer
  • Programmable control structure (local/remote)
  • Displayed parameters: output frequency, mechanical speed, reference frequency, heatsink temperature, DC link voltage
  • Protection: undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit, from loosing RS485 communication


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